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We will do most of the work in selling your home, but it’s important to give us all the ammunition possible! Even an ideal location and price won’t sway a buyer who isn’t attracted to your home. To present your home in its best light, take a fresh look at it from a potential buyer’s perspective. Approach your house from the curb. Is the yard neat and well maintained? Is the front door sturdy and attractive? Now, go in the front door. Make sure the entry way is welcoming, and the home smells nice. A spacious, clutter-free look is always appealing.

While your decor may suit you, remember buyers want to picture their furniture and accessories in the rooms. Some successful sellers rent storage areas while their homes are up for sale. It’s easy to create an airy space with plenty of room by judiciously removing items that make the room feel small or cluttered. As you examine each room, decide whether a coat of paint would freshen the area. Remember, neutral colors have a broad appeal. Before leaving a room, test cabinet doors, drawers, and faucets. These quick fixes may not attract attention when they’re repaired, but will certainly be noticed if they aren’t.

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There are many financing options available for homebuyers. The three types most commonly used are third party financing, seller financing, and assumption of existing loans. Third party financing is available through commercial banks, savings and loans, mortgage companies, mortgage brokers, credit unions, and government agencies. Be sure to shop around for rates and terms with third party institutions, as they can vary widely.

When shopping for financing, there are several factors you'll want to consider. Ask for a written estimate of all fees and charges such as application fees, credit reports, origination fees, appraisals, and closing costs. Ask about the annual percentage rate, or APR, for your loan. By law, lenders are required to disclose the APR.

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